What is Unabirth?

Unabirth is just one of many names for the same thing. Some people call it UC (unassisted childbirth), or UA (unasissted) childbirth. Whatever name it goes by, it is unlike 99% of births in America today. Unabirth is birth without any superflourous people. No doctors, no midwives, no nurses or students. Just a Mother, Child, and perhaps her family. It is Birth- Pure, Unhindered Birth. Birth in it's most basic sense.

Why did I choose Unabirth?

In all honesty, it's difficult to say concisely why exactly I choose to have an unassisted homebirth. My initial journey to UC was complex. Some of the reasons for my choice were religious/spiritual beliefs. Some were emotional issues. Part of my decision had to do with difficult finding a compatible birth attendent. And yes, part of it was monetary issues. Regardless of my reasons for choosing to have a UC, I'm thankful and feel very blessed for the experience. I will treasure it always.

The Value Of Unassisted Homebirth

I'm a pretty private person. Birthing unassisted meant that I was able to do it on my own, without thought as to others expectations, needs, or fears. There was no risk of iatrogenic injury. I was able to be free from external distractions and allow my instinct and intuition to guide me.

My UCs have had a variety of effects on me. They were both very, very challenging to my integrity. And I don't mean, "Do I tell people my plans, or do I lie?" I mean, I was forced to be fully honest with myself. To face me fears and worries full force. To examine my values and decide, is this something that's REALLY important to ME? And WHY?

These days I can understand completely why some women just can't or wont consider UC. I had a hospital birth with my first, and then two UCs. (No no assisted homebirths) The first, I had to transfer immediately postpartum. I had thought I'd faced my fears and was prepared to accept all eventuallities. I was really shocked and, well, blown away when things didn't go as expected/ hoped for. I thought for over a year that I would never be able to face another pregnancy for fear of giving birth (and potentially having something terrible happen). It's challenging to take that responsibility on yourself, knowing that if things go well, it'll be "luck" and if things go poorly, it'll be "all your fault."

Then I got pregnant with my third. I very, very seriously considered having a planned cesearen. Ultimately I decided for another UC/UP, but with the xpectation that I might decide I NEEDED to transfer. I knew I needed to be okay with the outcome, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED. Thankfully nothing went wrong. But the postpartum phase was pretty hard on me. (The whole pregnancy was VERY challenging for me, emotionally and physically.) Even though my labor was quick, I was completely drained, in a way that I hadn't been with my girls. I couldn't take care of myself, and my husband couldn't seem to meet my needs. I couldn't go 3 yards to the bathroom on my own the first day. Then I got sick at 3 days postpartum. It took me a long, long time to recover. I got through it, obviously, but if I could do it again, I would have INSISTED that my husband call a local midwife or doula to HELP ME within a few hours of the birth. I was in really bad shape. I never expected to (essentially) NEED to be waited on hand and foot after having a baby.

My fourth baby was born April 08, also unassisted. Once again, it was a challenging emotional journey. I was forced to dig deep and find the tools to cope with pain, fear, and uncertainty. My husband and I worked hard to communicate about wants, needs, and anxieties so that we could work together as partners. Towards the end of the pregnancy, we thought that I would need an emergency cesarean, which meant I had to work through many issues surrounding surgical birth, empowered choices, and responsibility.

I imagine the value of unassisted birth varies from one individual to the next, but for me, it was a spiritual and emotional journey, making me a stronger and more empowered mother.

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